Buffalo, NY Dentist – Todd E. Shatkin, DDS – Replace a Missing Tooth with Mini Dental Implants

Buffalo, NY Dentist Dr. Todd E. Shatkin discusses how to replace a missing tooth using his patented technique the, FIRST Technique, by placing a mini implant and immediately loading the crown. Call 1-888-4-SHATKIN for more information or visit http://www.shatkinfirst.com. Fore upcoming courses on Mini Dental Implants please visit our website at http://shatkinfirst.com/wp/mini-dental-implant-training-courses/.

Dr. Todd E. Shatkin – Buffalo, NY Dentist on AM Buffalo

Dr. Todd E. Shatkin, Cosmetic Dentist on AM Buffalo.  Before and After Mini Dental Implants. Todd Shatkin, DDS discovers a cyst, removes the cyst, then fabricates a prosthesis utilizing mini dental implants. Mini Dental Implants can be used for many various applications. The cost of mini dental implants can vary depending on where you live. Pros and Cons of Mini Dental Implants, pro - they are quick and painless, cost less, and can be places in one visit! Cons - none. Mini Dental Implants can be used for almost any application. For more information on mini dental implants including studies and articles please visit shatkinfirst.com or call 1-888-4-SHATKIN. 

Mini Dental Implants – Single Tooth Replacement in One Visit to the Dentist!

Mini dental implants are now being used commonly across the World everyday. For nearly 20 years Dr. Shatkin has been providing Western New York and the Nation with beautiful smiles. For the past few years Dr. Todd E. Shatkin has been a guest on Great Look Monday's on the AM Buffalo Show, a local Buffalo Television News Show. In the March 2008 episode Dr. Shatkin shows complete implant, cosmetic, and restorative dental care. Watch and see how easy it is to replace a few teeth in usually under an hour without any pain or discomfort. All questions answered in the YouTube video: How long does the mini implant procedure take? Is there any discomfort? How much do mini implants cost? After your procedure you can leave the office and eat a full meal feeling confident with your mini dental implants. You won't have to worry about smiling, speaking, or eating anymore, mini implants are your solution! For more information please visit Mini Dental Implants for more information. Now, sit back and watch how easy it is to replace a few teeth. Click here to watch at YouTube